Welcome to the ABYMA Industry Showcase

by Alison Sly-Adams

The day is finally here and we are delighted to welcome Antiguans and Barbudans to the inaugural ABYMA Industry Showcase. The showcase is free to enter and open to anyone interested in finding out about the yachting industry in Antigua and Barbuda.There will are more than 30 exhibiting businesses who want to share information about the careers available in the industry, training opportunities in their business, and generally answer questions people may have about the kinds of jobs and opportunities available.

Visitors to the Showcase can sign up for a number of tours via water from an environmental tour with National Parks of Falmouth Harbour, to a trip to a nearby Superyacht Marina, trying out a power boat with Ondeck and other tours on boats moored at the marina.

If you want the opportunity to go on one of the brief excursions please fill out the waiver on this link.
Please note due to the numbers  of visitors expected, there is no guarantee that you will get out on a tour, but filling out a waiver is essential to be in for a chance.

To check out who is where on site, please scroll down or open the PDF here of the site map.

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