ABMA Urges the Industry to Support the Vaccination Programme

by Kemoir Martin

At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association this morning, the Board Members unanimously agreed that it was critical for workers operating within the Marine Industry to become vaccinated.

Vice President of the Association, Robert Reis, also Manager of Falmouth Harbour Marina, said, ‘In speaking with many of the Captains they have already requested that workers boarding their Yachts are vaccinated. At the end of the day much as we know that vaccination is not mandatory, the yacht is a private property and the owner or Captain has complete control over who can go on board and stipulate their requirements.’

The industry has had a relatively buoyant year despite the lack of events but President of the ABMA, Sir Franklyn Braithwaite re-iterates, ‘Ultimately yachting is an essential part of the creation of revenues for Antigua and Barbuda. If our customers are requesting our workers to be vaccinated, then we need to support the programme in order to ensure that for next Autumn our industry can get the growth we are hearing is going to happen following the pandemic.’

The National Mobile Vaccination Unit will be stationed between Sweet T’s Restaurant and Bailey’s Supermarket from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm tomorrow, Friday 7th May, 2021. The ABMA is urging all of its members and the wider community to take advantage of the convenience of the unit being in the area to get vaccinated if not already.

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